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Email for a estimate on Consulting/service-repair call/Automatic M&R textile installations.

Specializing on M&R printing equipment and affiliated Equipment: Any out of pocket
expenses: Motel, meals, etc. Plus any added expenses pertaining to the particular job. Any parts need to be there prior to the appointment are the customers responsibility. The customer or someone must be present while work is being done, for decisions, and safety, or in case an extra hand is needed. Consulting for your shops layout, set-up, equipment purchases / supply purchases, or screen printing industry procedures, Manual or Automatic set-up and printing:
Contact me for the best rates around:
Estimates can be e-mailed upon request:
Business consult:Labor $85.00 an Hr. 
Estimate shop employees, shops value, shop layout any improvements or updates needed. When to get into the automatic verses manual printing. Shop safety/procedures/what products to buy and why.*Printing techniques and time management, preventive maintenance how to get the most for less, how to insure the least down time, but most of all how to increase your productivity and maximize your people to be more efficient.

Mileage:$.58 a mile (To & From job) 
Travel time:$25.00 an Hour (To & From job)
Any out of Pocket expenses:Lodging, Meals, travel arrangements, Etc.

Minimum billing service Calls:
$170.00 minimum for 10 min-1hr, $85.00 an hr after the 2nd hr. 
Mileage:$.58 a mile (From Mr. Repair To job & back to Mr.Repair) 
Travel time: $25.00 an Hour (From Mr. Repair To job & back to Mr.Repair) 

Repair work$85.00 an Hour labor
Mileage:$.58 a mile (To & From job) 
Travel time: $25.00 an Hour (To & 
From job)
Insurance Damages to Equipment:
The Insurance company must have a valid claim file number, and Must have a 50% deposit check mailed, and the balance within net 15 days, with everything in writing.
Working area: New England, limited parts-PA/limited parts-NY
(Mr Repair accepts cash, company & bank checks at time of repair) *Checks are made out to: Mr. Repair or David Lathrop
Mr. Repair does not bill net terms on standard service calls or installations,consultations, etc, payment is COD=Cash/Check on demand!
*if Payment is not received within the invoice due date, a $35.00 a day late fee will be applied for the days late, and finance charges of $4.75 will start to accrue weekly until payment is complete* 
**NON-Payment will end up in credit collections**

*Insufficient funds will result in a $30.00 
returned check fee*
*Service is performed nights& weekends* depending upon your area*
You'll be glad you waited!!
 Don't find yourself in trouble text now or e-mail for appointment.  Because down time is costly, and no one has Money to burn!

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