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Who is Mr. Repair:
My name is Dave Lathrop, & my company is Mr. Repair. I currently am the Production Manager, in charge of Graphic Ink LLC. An embellishing company located in E. Prov. RI

I have worked for TSG Ent, LLC (Pure Hockey/Hockey Giant/Total Hockey). I have also worked as production manager for We Got Soccer in Foxboro, Ma.
and Pop Tops Sportswear in S, Easton, Ma.
and Graphic Ink in E. Providence, Ri.
I have worked for two prominent distributors selling sign, screen & digital equipment & supplies; full line distributors for the screen printing industry. I started working in this industry in 1989 at an entry level position and quickly moved into sales. Soon I got my service technical certification from M&R in Chicago as a dealer technician. This is when I saw the opportunity to start servicing customers in the off hours. Mr. Repair has grown into it's own business; sometimes I'm booking out months in advance!  M&R screen printing equipment has great products and have made definite innovations in this industry. In many of my travels around New England and even New York & PA, I have seen a lot of different equipment.  As far as equipment is concerned, Every customer that I have either done service for, or sold an automatic press to, has always said the same thing - "I really should have purchased this equipment sooner!".  
I enjoy the ease of working on the M&R printing equipment. Do not let other people fool you into thinking that "cheaper equipment is better equipment",
"cheaper equipment can translated to cheaply made equipment". In my estimation, if you want a machine that can give you the results your looking for, but is user friendly, and easy to take care of; than you should do your homework, talk to people who's opinion you trust, and make smart choices of machines and equipment that will be right for you. If you want a reliable, honest, service technician who will give it to you straight, than you have come to the right place. Welcome to the Mr. Repair web site. Dave Lathrop is Mr. Repair.
If you need references, I can provide many different companies to call, and the many different types of Presses that I have worked on, or still am working on a regular basis. I will be pleased to give names to call, if you so request. A good strong reputation is important. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, and deliver you the best service in the industry with someone you can trust.
I am only available nights & weekends,
 not during the day.

Mailing Address:
47 Bartlett Street
Pembroke, MA 02359
Hours of operation:
Nights and Weekend Only!
Area of operation:
New England/limited parts of NY/limited parts of PA
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